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Interval is a womenswear label based in Sydney, Australia. Launched in November 2015 by designer Kara Liu, Interval’s designs are characterised by a sense of understated elegance, paired with quality fabrics and interest detailing. The refined and easy-to-wear nature of an Interval piece makes it the perfect wardrobe staple for the modern Interval girl. She is feminine but not girly, refined and effortlessly sexy. Con dent and progressive, she believes in less is more, quality over quantity in the way she dresses as well as other aspects of life. Despite her preference for simplicity, she is never dull.
Interval is a bridge label between high street mass-market brands and exclusive premium labels. With four edited collections per year, Interval offers contemporary womenswear with the refined appeal of a designer label at an affordable price.
Interval is fresh, elevated and wearable. The aesthetic of understated luxury allows for an effortlessly elegant lifestyle.
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